Lead Sourcing for Dev Shops

Posted 7 months ago Posted 7 months ago
How Airtable Works

Sales is hard! As an engineer, I never appreciated how much work goes into running a well-performing sales team—the sourcing, the prospecting, the closing, each with its challenges. As technologists, we wanted to make this process easier for ourselves. We developed a system called MakeProspect that crawls job boards, forums, and other news sources and finds a real-time set of companies to whom we could outreach. A specialized sales tool for Software Consultants, Software Development Agencies, and Developer Tooling Companies, and Recruiters.

Over the last couple of years, we have built this system to the point where we now have a robust pipeline of prospects powered entirely by Airtable. With opsZero Launchpad we are releasing this product in an interesting way. We could have spent time building a web interface, but we wanted to launch fast, so we are using Gumroad for payments and then giving subscribers access to the Airtable.
The Customer Gets Access to Airtable

As the data MakeProspect provides goes directly into the CRM, we decided the best use of our time is to make the pipeline better and let customers use Airtable, which already has mechanisms for sorting, filtering, and exporting records we didn't want to reinvent.

We launched MakeProspect with opsZero Launchpad. Monetize your microSaaS, internal tools, data, and APIs.