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Daily Leads

Get a daily list of organizations that have been in the news, posting jobs, or are otherwise notable. We send you an Excel/CSV file with the organization's name, URL, LinkedIn, industry, and company size. Use this information to qualify and outreach quickly.

Restlessly Scouring

We are continually scouring the web to find new prospects and are adding more data sources daily. We want to remove the pain of sourcing new leads so you can focus on closing more deals.

People, Code and AI

We use MakeProspect ourselves and understand the value of high-quality data. To accomplish this, we use a combination of People and Code to ensure that quality remains high.

Why us?

High Quality

Sourcing sales leads is tedious, monotonous work. We address this by creating a system that involves humans and code to ensure that we can extract lead information as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Build for Startups

We built MakeProspect because we wanted to reach out to potential customers as quickly as possible with the minimal resources we had as a small startup. We couldn't afford to spend a lot of money when we started, so we built MakeProspect to help us accomplish our sales goals.

Sourcing as a Service

If you are part of our Enterprise plan, we build custom crawlers for you to source companies that are most relevant for your industry. We work with you directly to ensure your success.


Sample Daily List

Check out the sample of what you will receive daily.

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Data Sources

These are some of the places we source prospects from. We are continually adding more and more data sources to generate B2B leads.

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Recommend a Data Source

Want us to crawl additional locations? Use the form to send us a recommendation. We build new crawlers every day, so it will be done before you know it.

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