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Find companies hiring for tech jobs aggregated from across the web including job boards, forums, and investor websites.

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Job Posts are an amazing way to find leads. If a company is hiring they may also be looking for your service.

Sourced from Major Job Boards
We crawl major job boards for startup jobs including Indeed, Hacker News, various VCs including A16Z, and various startup forums
AI and Human
We use a combination of AI and Human Intelligence to get job posts into a form you can use to quickly sell your products and services.
Updated Hourly
Job posts are sourced every 15 minutes and are added to the database within an hour. We prioritize speed of delivery while ensuring quality.

Built by the mostly practical minds at opsZero.

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What is MakeProspect?

MakeProspect contains continuously updated records of companies hiring for IT
tech roles aggregated from dozens of job boards, forums, investor career
sites, and individual startup websites.

How can I use MakeProspect?

MakeProspect is built for digital agencies. Whether you’re a recruiting shop,
dev shop, or a marketerthis data can be used for business development and market intelligence.

  1. Business development: Agencies can use this information to identify
    potential new clients and target their outreach efforts accordingly.
  2. Market intelligence: By having access to information on which organizations
    are hiring, an investors can gain insights into which industries and sectors
    are growing and where there may be potential business opportunities.

How do I access MakeProspect?

  1. Subscribe. Subscribe with the Subscribe Link.
  2. Get License Key. You will receive a license key that you will use to access the data.
  3. Access. Use the license key to access the data at:

The data is continuously updated and can be connected to your APIs, scripts,
Excel spreadsheets and more. Bookmark it to access it whenever you want.

Can I get access in CSV and JSON?

Yes add the format parameter:

  • CSV:
  • JSON:

How is MakeProspect updated?

The database is updated hourly as our crawlers are continuously scouring the net for new jobs data. As new job postings are discovered we use GPT + Human Intelligence to clean up the job posts so you can access the data as it is categorized. We crawl various websites, including Indeed, Hacker News, WeWorkRemotely, RemoteJobs, and are adding new crawlers weekly.

What fields are included?

We attempt to cover as much data as possible including:

  • Source
  • Source URL
  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • Company LinkedIn
  • Company Size
  • Company Industry
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Location
  • Salary
  • Date Posted