Find Startups Hiring Software Engineers

Finds startups hiring software engineers by scouring prominent job boards, forums, and VC websites. Get access to a shared Dropbox where new leads are added continuously.

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Speed Up Sourcing

MakeProspect helps development agencies, software tooling companies, and recruiters quickly find new clients. By using a combination of web crawlers, machine learning, and human intelligence we ensure our data is error free.

Leads from Hacker News, VC Job Boards, and Startup Forums

Enriched with Human and Machine Intelligence

Helps You Find New Customers

Built for development agencies, developer tooling companies, and recruiters.


Here is a sample data that we send everyday.

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MakeProspect has been used at opsZero since 2017 to find potential customers that are looking for our expertise when they need it. This reduces spam that potential customers get making us look better! We are now making this invaluable tool to everyone!
- Abhi Yerra, CEO opsZero

Sales Simplified

Find the correct customer at the right time.


The daily source email contains everything you need to start your outreach prospecting process.


Our custom web crawler scours Hacker News, RemoteJobs, Craigslists, and VC Job Boards constantly ensuring we have the latest job posts.

Human + Machine

Data is enriched with both machine and human intelligence ensuring low errors in what we send you.

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MakeProspect sends an email providing a list of jobs with Company Name, Company URL, Company LinkedIN, and Industry and Job Post. All jobs posts are from the USA and CA.

You can add this data to your CRM and reach out to them.

We send the email every morning at 6am PST.

We currently crawl Hacker News whoishiring, WeWorkRemotely, RemoteJobs, and more.